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2021 Events:


May 8  Spring Social


May 22  Sponsor Cruise


June 18 Potter's Ridge


June 20  Father's Day Car Show


June 24 The Bluffs


June 27  Lake City Water Ski Days Parade


July 22  Deer Crest


August 8  River City Days Fly In/Parade


August 26  Downtown Plaza


September 12  Plum City Care Center


October Fall Social






Elmer's Graveyard Hiking Tours 2021

The guided Elmer's Graveyard tours are back!

Fountain City, WI


Dates:  April 17  9AM and 1 PM (Museum not open on this date)

                  May 8   9AM and 1 PM (this is the date of our Phantoms Social)

         June 5  9AM and 1 PM (Museum not open on this date)

FALL DATES to be determined, NO Summer Dates


Elmer's Auto Salvage Old Car Section has cars from the 40's through the 70's:  AMC, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Edsel, Ford, Hudson, Kaiser, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker.  From Chargers,. Cudas, Chevelles to Metropolitan, Manhattan, Hornet - over 20 acres of old vehicle cars.


We will be hiking through parts of the old car section of Elmer's Auto Salvage.  This hike will take approximately 2 hours.  Ground is uneven and hilly.  There can be bees, snakes, sharp metal and rough terrain. CLOSED TOE SHOES required.  We are not responsible for any injures - take this tour at your own risk.


Tour cost is $10/person. Photos are allowed on the hiking tour.

Pease note - Graveyard tours are separate from Elmers' Auto and Toy Museum.  The salvage yard and museum are 2 separate entities at the same location.  Elmer's Auto and Toy Museum has a separate fee and a 'no photos in buildings' policy.


***Would anyone volunteer to lead a tour to Elmers?  April 17 or June 5?



May 15 - 23:  Twin Cities Auto Show at the State Fairgrounds


***MSRA Back to the 50's is back on!  June 18-20 at the Minnesota State Farigrounds






















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