"Phantom Winter party scheduled for Saturday, January 14, 2023 is Cancelled.
Cancellation due to a schedule conflict at our planned site, Red Wing American Legion.
Phantom Board will consider reschedule in coming months.
Money collected will be refunded upon request, or applied to next event as desired.
Thank You for your understanding."


Phantoms Mission:


 The Phantoms Motor Club is about bringing people together to enjoy automobiles, memorabilia, and most of all each other!  The club is about contributing to our community, giving back.  We have established outreach programs to bring our cars and ourselves into the communities which we care about.  We visit health care facilities and schools in our member communities.


 A Phantom car is one which never was, one which has been modified to resemble one which may have been.  And so, the Phantoms were born: we resemble a club which never was.


                                                                        'Cars brought us together; People keep us together; and food is a bonding agent.'

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